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I am a Holistic Wellness Coach with a degree in Psychology, specializing as a Conscious Living Guide and explorer of Universal Truth. I serve motivated seekers, who are working to create all that we wish to be, have, and do. Together, we share how to attain excitement, serenity, and joy in our lives.

Imagine...bridging the gap between human innovation and natural processes, science and spirituality, the physical and the metaphysical, holism and reductionism...Sustainable materials and clean technology are used to build structures, according to local environmental resources and climate conditions. Water is harvested, stored, utilized, and cleaned by natural filtration before rejoining the water cycle. Human and animal waste is converted to fuel, fertilizer, and soil with microorganisms, regenerating the land and allowing life to flourish. Food forest gardens, tree guilds, and edible landscapes replace overuse of ornamentals and concrete. Holistic health, vibrational wellness, and integrative medicine redefine health care. Renewable resources, electromagnetic energy, and advanced clean technology provide abundant utilities and efficient transportation services. Education encourages critical thinking and free exploration, as well as the discovery and pursuit of individual passions. Humanity is reconnected with the Spirit of Creation, realizing who we are and why we are here. Lost and forbidden knowledge--the true magic of our Universe--is restored and shared with all...This is the vision I intend to help manifest on Earth. Well, it's a start, anyway.

Infinite <3 Abundance,

~Stacy Anne ;)

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Serenity Sunday: How To See Energy & Auras!

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    Hi, there!

    1) The Human Aura -- Play the short video clip below. Make sure the screen is a foot or so away from your face. Train both eyes to the purple amethyst on my ring, and stare intently, as if looking through my hand. If your vision blurs or goes out of focus, that's fine, but try not to blink until you have to. Within 20-30 seconds, you will begin to see a glowing outline around my hand. Your eyes will move to catch this light, causing it to disappear. Keep pulling your focus back to the purple heart and watch as the aura colors, brightness, and size become more clearly pronounced. Congratulations! You now have an ESP (Extra Super Power). ;)

    2) Vibrating Energy is Everywhere -- Focus on anyone or anything (living and nonliving) to view it's energy field, even the air itself! Simply choose an exact point or location, and stare…

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Serenity Sunday: Use Your CAMiRA!

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    Hi, there!

    1) Conscious Awareness

    • Think of a habit or pattern that you would like to change in your life. This could be anything, from an aggressive attitude to a chemical dependency.
    • Consider the negative impact this behavior has on yourself, others, and your environment.
    • How is it harmful or detrimental? What pain or suffering does it cause?

    (i.e. I don't want to rely on substances like coffee, energy drinks, sugar, and caffeine in order to be productive. They're bad for my health, lead to irritability, create more waste, I always need more, etc...)

    2) Motivation/Intention

    • What one core thing does this tell you about what you do want, what you would prefer?
    • In other words, what…
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Profile Exercise

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    Hi, there!

    1. Go to your ESJ SOUTH Profile page and look at your "Top 3" responses from the sign up questions.
    2. Now, write down your top 3 "Characteristics," in order of most to least importance.
    3. Do the same for your top 3 "Values," and then your "Passions," as well.
    4. When your finished, write down this sentence by filling in the blanks...
      "How can I best utilize my (#1 Characteristic) qualities to promote (#1 Value) , while engaging in (#1 Passion) activities?"
    5. Repeat the process with your #2 and #3 lists, and see what insights reveal themselves to you as a result.

    What you choose to do with this information is, of course, your "response-ability". Please feel free to comment or ask…

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Hi, there!
1) The Human Aura -- Play the short video clip below. Make sure the screen is a foot or…
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Hi, there!
1) Conscious Awareness

Think of a habit or pattern that you would like to change in you…
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