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Aug 20, 2017 to Aug 27, 2017

Hi, there!

1) The Human Aura -- Play the short video clip below. Make sure the screen is a foot or so away from your face. Train both eyes to the purple amethyst on my ring, and stare intently, as if looking through my hand. If your vision blurs or goes out of focus, that's fine, but try not to blink until you have to. Within 20-30 seconds, you will begin to see a glowing outline around my hand. Your eyes will move to catch this light, causing it to disappear. Keep pulling your focus back to the purple heart and watch as the aura colors, brightness, and size become more clearly pronounced. Congratulations! You now have an ESP (Extra Super Power). ;)

2) Vibrating Energy is Everywhere -- Focus on anyone or anything (living and nonliving) to view it's energy field, even the air itself! Simply choose an exact point or location, and stare into space, literally. Initially, you will likely observe mostly static, waves, and flashes of color. With practice, you may learn to see a great many things that have long been hidden from humanity.

3) Look into Your Soul -- Not for the faint of heart, this can be quite startling, at first. Use the techniques outlined above while looking in a mirror. Stare deeply into your own eyes, or at the center of your forehead. It helps to focus your intention (i.e. who am I, show me my Soul, what do I need to see). Yes, it's like in the movies, only presumably without the evil.


  • Practice with a white background.
  • Moving targets are more challenging.
  • Happy thoughts and a positive mood enhance abilities, as does laughter.
  • With concentration, it is possible to close your eyes and use your inner sight and intuitive feelings to read any energy, from anywhere.
  • Aura reading and interpreting energy is a specialized field with highly beneficial capabilities (i.e. Reiki healing, illness prevention, psychological resolution).

Reality is not what we have been led to believe. Life is more beautiful and miraculous than we can imagine, and our power, beyond measure. Shall we play, "Heal The World"?...let the games begin! As always, please post your questions and experiences here, or open a forum discussion. What colors did you see in my Aura?

Infinite <3 Abundance,

~Stacy Anne ;)

Post-A-Note: If you like to draw, paint, or read Auras, there is a focus 'Group' on ESJ called "Artistic Auras" that you can join.

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