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Simple Shares: This Is Your Life

This black dot is you. The white sphere is your reality.The circles overlapping and surrounding the central one below, are the realities most closely connected to you in the now moment.
Do you see the perimeter of the 3D cube, your box?And these, are infinite parallel realities stretching out in all directions. Think outside the box, pun intended (smile).Why? Because, you do create your reality. As above, so below. As within, so without.
What you put out, is what you get back. And, what you put in, is what goes out.
So, if we want to change something in our lives, or our world, then we must change--paradigm shift, move--ourselves first.

Let's say the lower, red circle is our current life experience. In this present reality, we have addictions, dependencies, unhealthy ways of meeting our needs. The upper, purple circle represents a life free of these addictions. So, how do we get there?

Well, we start with 'Awareness' (of Spirit) by acknowledging the truth of where we are, and that we are capable of choosing differently. Secondly, what's even in the purple circle? Energy does not cease to exist. It transforms. What is it our 'Intention' (of Mind) to create instead of self-abuse then? How will we transmute a harmful dependency into a beneficial exchange? We must be able to imagine and envision where we want to be, if we are to manifest ourselves there, right? Now, shall we just snap our fingers, disappear from the red circle, and reappear in the purple circle? That depends on how quickly and smoothly we can shift perspectives--beliefs, feelings, attachments--in order to move through alternate parallel realities, our 'Response' (of Body). This is the third essential step, response-able action (the ability to consciously choose a response, and act upon it). In a multi-dimensional Universe with unlimited potential energy, how many 'rainbow pathways' do you suppose there are between the red and purple circles? I'd say, a lot! Our focused attention is required...personal will, and focus.

If you think this is all a fancy way of goal-setting, you may be right. However, it is much more fun and magical than that! Of course, I did choose a pretty challenging topic as an example. If you want any tools to test this concept within a matter of days to a week or two, then all you have to do is ask. You see, the more you explore and play with this possible explanation--and, the greater you excel at, or "accelerate", traversing realities--the faster your life, and the world around you, will change before your very eyes. As this happens, you will come to know the truth of your Divinity. That is, if you have the courage to take to the skies, and fly through the AIR (Awareness, Intention, Response)...to live free.

Post-A-Note: I understand there are precise equations, sacred geometry, spiral vortices, etc. woven into the fabric of life. The point here is to view our journey through the forest, rather than examine the trees. If humanity is to focus effectively, the complexity of the whole must be made accessible and tangible to linear thought patterns, lest we become lost in the maze.

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I am a Holistic Wellness Coach with a degree in Psychology, specializing as a Conscious Living Guide and explorer of Universal Truth. I serve motivated seekers, who are working to create all that we wish to be, have, and do. Together, we share how to attain excitement, serenity, and joy in our lives.

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