"Excitement, Serenity, and Joy"
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ESJ SOUTH is an interactive community designed to 1) hold space for expanding consciousness, 2) establish clear motivations, and 3) implement action plans for the improvement of life and humanity. We are a support network...here to learn, teach, share, create, and integrate spiritual wisdom together, in order to shift our reality for the better.

This developmental platform is founded on 3 Guiding Principles, which are LAW.

L -- Love
1) The Heart of our Awareness is SOUL and Compassion.
(Spiritual Oneness, Unconditional Love)

A -- Abundance
2) The Root of our Intention is the Law of Attraction and Courage.
(what we put out, is what we get back)

W -- Wellness
3) The Crown of our Response-Ability is Transmutation and Empathy.
(transform energy to create movement, change, and growth)

"ESJ SOUTH is multi-faceted, not multi-leveled.
We are a Whole, not a hierarchy."

* Custom Profile pages and personal Message Boards
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* Status Updates, Live Chat, Direct Messaging, and Email
* Write Articles, Post Blogs, Start Discussions, and Link Videos
* Host online and in-person Events
* Create Focus Groups around favorite topics, passionate subjects,
and local or special projects

"We are here to change the world.
And, we are not alone."

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